Huawei’s OS Hongmeng, is it Google Android replacement?

Washington put a ban on the transfer or sale of American technology to Huawei. It affected millions of Huawei mobiles and tablets around the world. Google has said it will stand by the US restrictions. And will limit Huawei from access to some essential components of Android and its special services.

Huawei’s turn

It is being confirmed by the news that Huawei is launching their operating system named as Hongmeng. The sources have confirmed that Huawei has been working on Hongmeng since the year 2012. The company has been secretly examining the new OS on specific devices.

Huawei’s OS Hongmeng, is it Google Android replacement?

Huawei has confirmed Hongmeng’s existence since 2012. Though, the system was kept hidden. There is also news about the company’s eagerness and quickening for the testing process. They wanted to make it ready for a difficult situation. As a result of the trade war between China and the U.S, now the company has to use it.
In China’s state-owned Global Times, it mentioned that Hongmeng will gradually replace the Android system. In making a replacement to Android OS on its devices, Huawei is struggling. The company is planning for something other companies like Samsung and Microsoft have unsuccessful to do. It is developing a platform that interests both users and app developers.

Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s consumer business CEO has confirmed that the new Huawei OS Hongmeng will run all the Android Applications.
As it’s mentioned earlier, Huawei will not be able to access the Google Play Store Services. These services comprise of Google-made apps like the Gmail, Play Store, Maps, Calendar, Drive and the G Suite. Huawei would still be capable of using the Android open-source OS. Though, its mobiles would be cleaned of the tools when Android-device-owners consider it necessary.

Huawei’s APTOIDE

In a new report, it arose that the company is looking for a replacement. When needed, they will swap the Google Play Store with another open source. The name of this substitute app is Aptoide. It currently has 900,000 available apps.
Instead of using an isolated design, Huawei will probably come up with a “Mutual Approach”. This will be suitable for most of the present Android software designs.

Another source said: “The developers will re-develop the app in accordance with Hongmeng. So that it can work effectively in a stable environment. There will be hurdles for this OS in the early stage of public release. But after the continuous progress, this situation will be different.”
Analysts say that the development of Huawei’s OS Hongmeng is just one aspect of the challenge. It will take years to earn customer’s trust and build confidence among other app makers. It will also be challenging to convince users to adopt it.
The launch of this newly designed OS will be in coming fall. The time can exceed next spring but not later than that.


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