Ever thought what would happen if you own a flying car?
You can easily go anywhere you want any time without thinking about traffic jam and rush hours. No need of taking public transport or worry about airport parking hassle. Reach faraway places in few minutes by flying and then parking it in indoor office or mall parking. Sounds like a dream? Now this dream became a reality. Yes, are you ready to buy a flying car?

The flying car is available for sale by the end of 2019. All the credit goes to a Dutch-based company PAL-V who has introduced its first flying car named “Liberty”. PAL-V stands for Personal Air and Land Vehicle. It was unveiled by the CEO of the company Robert Dingemanse in the motor show in Geneva on 6 March 2018.

Pal-V at Geneva Motor Show 18


After 6 years of testing, it has finally introduced a three-wheeled flying car which can carry up to two people at a time. Its design is a mixture of motorbike and helicopter. The car has two Rotax engines of 100 horsepower each, one for flying and one for driving. It can reach a maximum speed of 180 km/h on road and in air, with being fuel efficient as its 27 gallons gas tank can last up to 1200 km on road. It uses normal unleaded petrol. It is fitted with a handling system which depends on the driver tilting the vehicle with its control stick.

Credits: self-driving-tech.com

Hassle-free Mode Changing

Want to transform the flying car into a driving mode? No problem, just press a button and it will automatically transform in just 10 minutes. You just need to attach the steering and the control stick will itself completely fold into the seat. The rotors will also fold down and are stored on the top of the vehicle. The best part is you don’t have to worry about engine cut off as it is a gyroplane i.e. rotor blades are not only powered by the engine but also by the wind so even if the engine stops working the rotors will still keep working due to air flow. The tail at the back helps to control the wind coming from the back and helps to maintain balance. The unfavorable weather situation is no problem for this innovation as drivers can drive past the bad condition and then take-off.

Its trim control system keeps speeding constantly just like cruise control in cars. The car is only 4 meters long and hardly requires 100-160 meters of land to take off which means it very practical to use. Its slim design and curve stabilization makes it easy for it to tilt in corners and give a feeling of tilting sports car on twisting roads.

Credits: self-driving-tech.com


A prototype model of it has been test-flown in March 2012 at Gilze Rijen Airport Netherland. The United States and Europe have given it a certificate to operate and it also complies with road safety regulations. But still, it has to pass many more tests before it can be delivered to customers. The PAL-V Liberty owners will have to take almost 40 hours of exams and pass their flying exams as they need both driving license and flying license to drive or fly the car.


If you are interested in buying one, the company has started pre-booking at its official website for a whopping price of $750,000. Be quick as the company will only produce 90 units of liberty pioneer edition at the moment after which it will start producing sport edition which is a cheaper version of it. The owners of 90 pioneer liberty cars will also get gold plated copy of serial number inserted in a frame. So, are you ready to buy a flying car?


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